1: The van drives down the street, crossing through a less built up neighborhood with older concrete sidewalks.

Jackson (off-screen): We think that girl may somehow be involved with an incident at the Pilgrim Center. You are aware of the recent homecoming of the lunar mission?

Julia (off-screen): Yes. Oh fuck, oh yes, I KNEW you guys were hiding something about that!

2: They continue to drive, Jackson facing forward as billboards and closed stores fly past.

Jackson: We found something on the moon that we’ve kept classified. It is likely involved with whatever you found.

Julia (off-screen): Was it a weird black thing?

Jackson: Yes.

Julia (off-screen): Covered in eyes and horns and shit?

Jackson: Yes. Did it attach to your friend?

Julia (off-screen): Yeah…

3: Julia removes the silver dagger-like object from her pocket to show the agent.

Julia: It wasn’t moving when we found it. It moved when I took this. It was right in front of it.

4: Jackson turns around to talk to her and reaching out for the object.

Jackson: Let me see that.

Julia (off-screen): You can SEE it. You can’t TOUCH it.

Jackson: I have a gun, you know.

Julia (off-screen): Do it. Shoot me.

5: Jackson rubs his eyes in frustration.

Jackson: We believe that one of the idols somehow activated or communicated with the other.