1: A raccoon in sunglasses leans out the window of the van, he is wearing a suit. This is Agent Jackson.

Agent Jackson: Listen, there isn’t any time to screw around here. We need any information you can give us.

Julia (off-screen): And who the hell are you?

Agent Jackson: We’re with the government, and-

Julia (off-screen): Prove it!

2: Scowling and grumbling to himself, the man in the suit fumbles in his pocket for his badge.

3: Julia studies the badge, it marks the agent as a member of the SIU (Special Investigation Unit), a branch of the Egyptian government.

Agent Jackson (off-screen): All right, now quickly, we need to know everything-

Julia: Nuh uh. You help me follow my friend, then I’ll tell you what happened.

Agent Jackson (off-screen): We don’t have time for-

4: Julia looks somewhat angry and determined as she confronts the government agent.

Julia: If you want any information out of me, help me to follow my friend and explain what’s going on.

5: Julia sits awkwardly in the back of the van. The raccoon agent, Jackson, is in the passenger seat, having swapped with his partner: a blue jay avian in matching suit and sunglasses, Agent Avery