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1: Julia looks concerned, piecing together the information as she rides in the back of the car.

Jackson (off-screen): It’s possible that the object you hold held the Earth’s idol under stasis. Removing it may have woken it up, and it may have somehow awoken the idol from the moon.

Julia: Did the other idol attack someone too?

Jackson (off-screen): Yes.

2: In the lab, Eric is shown cowering behind an upturned desk, looking nervously over it.

3: Sedjet’s body seems in much the same state as Melissa’s, but pacing lethargically around the room, searching.

4: In hiding, Eric covers up his mouth to muffle his panicked breathing.

5: As the professor shuffles off, Eric slinks out of his hiding spot towards a door with an intercom.

6: Eric rushes to a door, fist slamming the button on the intercom, seeming to be trapped in the room.

Eric: This is lab 30, we have an emergency! Please unlock the interior doors!

7: We see an array of buttons and a microphone before a screen showing an empty hallway. Eric’s voice filters in through the computer console.

Eric (through speaker): Security Officer! Why is the door locked? I need to get out!