1: Julia hands over the object to the agent.

2: Julia sits in silence for a moment, holding Melissa and looking at the Avery beside her who is using his phone to send a message.

3: Julia breaks the silence, the Jackson replies in his musical native tongue, many avians lack the biology to speak in English (the Euro-African standard).

Julia: So, uh, you speak English?

Avery speaks Avian in a hard to establish tone, he seems to be explaining something from his gestures.

Julia: Great.

4: Security camera footage shows the black mass crawling down the hall in an octopus-like fashion.

Observer: What a beautiful pair of creatures…

5: Another screen shows Sedjet still hunched near the secure door.

6: We see the security officer, a brown bat, is the one watching the screens.

Security Officer: Are you two trying to find each other?

7: Tendrils up and formed into claws and teeth, the mass leaps at the squad of armed soldiers who are waiting outside the lab’s sealed door, they don’t even see it coming

8: The security officer’s hand reaches for a computer console, showing the controls for the facility.

9: The security door opens, revealing Sedjet waiting right at the door.