1: Melissa throws the idol up, puking a horrid mass of eyes and teeth and black tentacles and fluid, her eyes shot open as she grips her head.

2: Melissa collapses to the ground, eyes shut, black fluid running down her face and mouth

3: The black mass is crawls along the ground, pressing against the glass door, which is starting to melt and release steam.

4: Julia pulls Melissa into her arms, distressed and trying to bring her around. Agent Avery moves to flank her in the background.

5: The avian agent bends down, using a scanning device on Melissa as Julia holds her.

Jackson (off-screen): Is she alive?

Avery speaks Avian in an affirmative tone.

Jackson (off-screen): Good.

6: Jackson offers her hand towards Julia, face stern.

Jackson (off-screen): I’m going to need that silver object to deal with this thing.

7: Julia clutches the object tight to her chest, ears back sadly.

Jackson (off-screen): Be realistic. What you did was cute and all, but this is a dangerous and unpredictable alien creature.

Stay here with your friend. Don’t go and get killed before she can wake up.