1: Jackson has his gun raised, a boxy compact pistol, and pointed at Melissa from the cover of his vehicle.

Jackson: Don’t get close to it!

2: Julia has exited the vehicle, heading towards Melissa with the silver talisman in her hand. Melissa is against the wall, tail raised and tentacles spread wide in a threatening posture.

Julia: Melissa! Knock it off! You need to fight this thing!

3: With a hiss, the tentacles from Melissa’s mouth lash out at Julia, whip-like with jagged horned spikes.

4: Julia flinches as the whip slashes for her.

5: The tentacle falls limp to the ground, color drained from it. and Melissa has to pull it back with her hands.

6: Julia looks in shock at the dagger-like silver object.

7: Melissa pulls the frozen tentacle back towards her, backed up towards the wall as Julia stands with the weapon in hand.