1: One of the soldiers has been grabbed by the first idol, its large scythe-like limbs clawing the air, engulfing the soldier’s head as teeth and claws cut through their armor.

2: Gun raised uselessly, the canid guard is grabbed by an extended tentacle from the side.

3: It is revealed to be Sedjet’s spiked tendril, extended from his hand, the guard’s head is squeezed into a bloody mess as the figure shambles forward.

4: The guards’ attention split, the remaining man is caught off guard by a thorny whip from Sedjet as he turns back from the guard being fully consumed by the free mass.

5: The soldier’s screams and gunfire ended, Sedjet’s form steps over the bodies as the mass within him starts to pull free of his mouth, pressing and fusing together with the mass that writhes out from the bloody remains of the soldier.

6: His gun raised and the silver idol in his other hand, the Jackson peeks around a corner.