1: A red desk is covered in books and papers, lit by dim lamps. Blurry photos and wood-cut drawings are of black hounds. Melissa takes vague notes on a notepad between the different sources.

2: Melissa is in the Black Dogs underground HQ room, lit by only a few lamps and candles. She is wearing jeans and a plain black T-shirt.

Melissa: Come on…

A couple thousand years worth of sightings, but no real…

How do I-

3: She leans back and covers her face with one hand, sniffling slightly with tears in her eyes.

Melissa: Dammit…

4: She opens a box on the floor, labeled: “RESTRICTED. Must not leave school property”

5: From the box she pulls up a thick, very ancient looking book labeled in faded gold leaf embossed letters: מסופוטמיה אגדות