1: Sedjet, Vidali, and Xijo are gathered around the long digital meeting table of their underground compound. The lights are low and they are mostly lit by the table’s screens beneath them.

Sedjet: It’s not a virus. Not a bacteria.

Vidali: No. I was very, very thorough.

Some foreign elements in the lower intestine but nothing anywhere else. Nothing but…

Nothing that we didn’t expect to find.

Sedjet: And it is her, right?

2: The display below show various photos of the mutated Julia: some in her isolated room, some being vivisected, Vidali’s hand manipulates the screen.

Vidali: As far as we can tell, yes. Same scars and genetic markers, finger prints… even the metal pin in her leg from breaking it as a kid.

It’s not a mimic or a duplication. This is Julia King.

3: Xijo leans back and smooths his hair.

Xijo: And you are certain that she made no contact with the Idol on your moon?

Vidali: Impossible to be 100% about that, but we’ve studied every second of helmet footage we could recover… we’re as sure as we can be.

Her suit wasn’t punctured at all when she left through the moon gate. There was no physical contact.

Sedjet (off-panel): Experiments have shown that atmospheric exposure isn’t enough.