1: Security footage shows Julia pacing around her damaged room, parts of the walls and bedding torn and melted.

Sedjet (off-panel): She’s so much more active now. It’s like she’s finally waking up.

Xijo (off-panel): She has outbursts.

Sedjet (off-panel): She’s had nightmares before, fits of rage. Now, she’s… thinking.

2: Sedjet, eyebrows furrowed, has his hand steepled by his face. Vidali, behind him, looks angry.

Vidali: You horrified her. You traumatized that girl and tortured Julia with a life she’ll never return to.

Sedjet: It had to be done.

Vidali: Your ego sometimes… You’ll do anything to solve your problems, won’t you?

3: Sedjet lets his face fall and be cradled by his hands.

Sedjet: Vidali…

This isn’t some personal agenda. People’s lives are at stake.

4: The three scientists sit in discussion.

Sedjet: You think I want to torture them like this? Melissa is my best friend’s daughter.

But if we can get Julia talking, we can figure out how this happened. We can figure out what she sees, how she thinks… No one’s ever been this integrated with the Idol and it just stopped consuming them. We can’t waste the opportunity.