I’ll see you in the SCIENCE DOME


1: Vidali, now leaned forward on her elbows, silently watches Sedjet with concerned eyes.

2: Sedjet looks over to Xijo as he manipulates the desk.

Sedjet: Doctor Xijo… How’s your project coming?

Xijo: The project is progressing acceptably.

3: A view of the isolation chamber, partially constructed, is seen on the table’s display screen.

Xijo (off-panel): With the exact calibrations, an interference pattern insulates the chamber from most of the Shankar Radiations.

This is very experimental, you understand? The technology to create these particles is very new and intricate.

Still… I am nearing completion.

4: Sedjet stands.

Sedjet: Good.

We’re making progress, everyone. Keep me up to date.


I’m gonna try talking to her again… see if anything’s changed.