“I’m not hiding a cheerleader under the table, why would you ask that?”
“I… what was that?”


1: Rhoda walks across her house to her front door. She is dressed in a stylish orange top and black beret.

2: Rhoda lets Melissa into the house. She’s back in a denim skirt and pink shirt. She has her old, ratty backpack from issue #1.

Rhoda: Meellll! Find the place okay?

Melissa: GPS sure doesn’t like these roads…

But, um, hi!

3: Melissa sits at Rhoda’s dining room table. She’d laid her backpack down, unopened. Rhoda’s house looks a little more cluttered than before mail left in piles and snacks left out.

Melissa: You got Kas’s flight info, right?
Rhoda: Yup, I got all that. I’ll be there.

Melissa: Great.

Melissa: Kas and I have been talking a lot lately…

Rhoda: Mhmm?

4: Melissa looks away a little as she talks.

Melissa: Have to stop being coy about this one, I guess…

Rhoda, I really need you to come clean and be honest with me.

5: Rhoda has sat looking a little nervous. Behind her, hidden in the background of her kitchen, the ghost snake watches.

Rhoda: About… what?