1: Rhoda stays on the ground, on her side as she hastily scribbles out details of what she saw into a notebook. Behind her, the candles cast a serpentine shadow on the wall: the silhouette of the demon snake.

2: As Rhoda continues her notes the antlered snake is hovering over her, swimming in air.

The Serpent: Anything fun?

Rhoda: A Chinese temple, I forget the name… I’ll have to look it up later, see if I actually recognize the inside.

The Serpent: You were spotted.

Rhoda: How did you… eh. Yeah, I think someone looked at me. Is that even possible?

The Serpent: You’re certainly not the only one who can see things, go places… Spiritualists around the world sometimes know when they have visitors, even if they don’t fully understand what they see or feel.

3: The snake hovers close to watch Rhoda, eye to eye, Rhoda on her back but the angle flipped so she looks like she is on the ceiling.

The Serpent: Careful you don’t go somewhere you’re truly not wanted, you may not like what you find.

Rhoda: Well, you were apparently watching. Wouldn’t you save me?
The Serpent: And play favorites? Now, that wouldn’t be fair…

How else will you learn?