1: Rhoda walks past colored trees and painted columns. The background is wrong, lines are broken and colors are bleeding together.

2: She holds her head and grimaces, the background is distorting further, as it becomes harder and harder to tell objects apart as colors bleed together.

3: From her view, the world is more psychedelic, colors brighter and shapes more twisted. The absence of color outlines a bird in the surroundings, they are bent down over a plant, not looking at her.

4: The bird turns, the background warping around the figure in waves, its eyes are bright, glaring lights.

5: In a darkened room within her house, Rhoda awakens from her psychic trance, gasping in shock.

6: She falls backwards out of her chair. She’s dressed comfortably in pajamas. Her chair is draped in blankets and sheets for comfort. Surrounding her on the ground are candles and rocks in a circle.