1: Separated by the wall and glass, Melissa, leans back in shock. Julia’s distorted hand presses to the glass. She’s hunched forward some, head down, face obscured by her long hair.

2: Julia’s face is revealed, a multitude of eyes watching Melissa from a cluster on one side of her face. She’s panting slightly and drooling, half of her face still normal.

3: Melissa squeezes her eyes shut as she speaks.

Melissa: I… I don’t know if you can even understand me now…

I don’t know if you’re in there, but… Julia

You have to come back.

4: From Melissa’s booth, Julia retracts her hand from the glass, her other arm wrapped around herself as she looks away with an expression of confusion and shame.

Melissa (off-panel): You have to fight this. You have to come back home, to me.

5: Julia’s still-canine eye is shut, tears running down her face.

Melissa (off-panel): You have to…