1: Melissa sits down, staring forward, eyes wide and fearful. She’s seen behind glass in a sterile room – like a very clean version of a prison phone booth.

2: She nervously presses the button on a metal console in front of her, an intercom. Her eyes are still fixed forward.

Melissa: …Hi.

3: Melissa forces a smile but she’s looking away now.

Melissa: They, um… they said that if I came to talk to you some, it might… help.

Not really sure what they want me to talk about.

4: In her lap she holds one of the greetings cards from her house, which reads “To our lovely Daughter”.

Melissa: I’ve been seeing your family some. Everyone’s really worried, they miss you.

5: Her head is turned, but she’s doing her best to still look forward.

Melissa: I miss you.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, or what they’re going to—

6: She jumps back, startled. A black, mutated hand slaps against the glass with sudden force, Julia’s black fur mixed with a tentacle-like digit.