1: Several computer monitors show security footage of Melissa talking to Julia. One shows Melissa’s room, shot from the ceiling. Another shows Julia’s room, also shot from an upper corner. A third screen has a close-up of Julia from the side.

2: Sedjet is taking notes on a tablet as he watches. Vidali Dara stands with a doubtful expression.

Vidali: I’m still not sure this is totally safe.

Sedjet: We did the tests… She’s not harmful, not through visual contact, anyways. All the test subjects showed zero signs of infection.

3: They both sit, looking at the monitors in a dark security room.

Vidali: No reaction yet?

Sedjet: She’s not speaking, at least.

Vidali: I really don’t like this, Sedj…

Sedjet: I don’t either, but she won’t talk to us. She won’t open up. We need her to.

4: The camera showing a close-up of Julia, shows her covering her muzzle, dripping with tears.

Vidali (off-panel): It’s torture… for both of them.

Sedjet (off-panel): She’s moving. She’s listening.

She needed this.