Well, time to see what the furry bodies does without all that pesky Shankar Radiation blasting through it all day!


1: Sedjet explains himself, standing amid the large generators in the domed room.

Sedjet: I saw your most recent genetic analyses. You’ve been very thorough. I’m sorry you didn’t think it was worth telling us.

Why don’t you tell Xijo what you found?

2: Xijo looks concerned, Vidali leans back in shock.

3: Vidali leans into the intercom once more.

Vidali: I… I haven’t verified it yet, I need more tests. It’s not…

Is that what this is about? Sedjet, it’s not true, it-

4: The countdown is nearing zero.

Sedjet (off-panel): Tell him!

5: Vidali steps back some, arms up as if to defend herself.

Vidali: I… It was… the genetic samples, there were similarities. Patterns, but that’s all… it doesn’t mean…

6: The countdown has hit zero.