1: Vidali approaches Xijo, who is standing near a computer console in a lab coat.

Vidali: What’s he doing in there?

Xijo: I cannot access computer commands.

Vidali: What?

Xijo: He appears to have locked us out, somehow. There is a timer. I have no access.

2: Vidali approaches an intercom by the observation window.

Vidali: Sedj? What are you doing?

3: A view of Sedjet in the chamber. He has his back to us and clutches one arm, looking flustered.

Sedjet: I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

I think I know the answer. I just have to prove it.

4: A countdown on the computer is getting low.

5: Vidali looks terrified.

Vidali: Sedjet! Sedj, what’s this count down for?
We don’t know what the chamber will do to you, it might kill you!

6: Sedjet holds back tears, trying to keep stoic.

Sedjet: It has to be me, I can’t… I know what to expect.

I can’t do this to anyone else.