1: Vidali is on her side in bed, wearing only a beater and shorts. She is lit by a phone screen that she idly paws at. The room is dark, dimmed with nighttime lighting.

2: She looks over her shoulder to Sedjet, who is grabbing papers from the bedroom.

Vidali: Shouldn’t you be asleep?

Sedjet: Shouldn’t you?

3: We see Sedjet in the lab’s lounge, pacing, holding papers.

4: Time passes as he paces, drinking coffee to stay awake, looking more disheveled.

5: Later in the night, as it hits morning, he’s still up. The room is a mess and he’s seated on the stairs, holding his head.

6: Vidali is finally asleep but doesn’t look comfortable, a distressed expression as she dreams, sheets showing mild wet stains from tears.