1: Julia, leans against the glass, mutated hands placed upon it as her head bleeds down her face.

Julia: Look at this… How can you fix this

You can’t, no one can…

2: Sedjet is still on the ground, watching in horror and sadness.

Julia (off-panel): We… sp-Hrk… spent so long alone… thinking…

Just thinking.

3: Julia’s messy face presses to the glass, tearful eyes shut. She clutches her head, shoulders bunched up as she seems to struggle.

Julia: And I… we… figured it out…

Feels… like I knew it… all along…

4: Sedjet gets to his feet.

Sedjet: What? What is it, how did this happen?
You have to tell us… tell us, anything!

5: Julia has a hand to the glass, the other to her head, as she breaks into a half laugh, half sob.

Julia: Heh… Hah, hah… huff… Hrk- Krf-

6: Julia slides to the ground, leaving a bloody trail, crying and shuddering as Sedjet watches.