1: Sedjet is looking worried and a little freaked out, but still soldiers on.

Sedjet: We, uh, I… I have questions. If I can ask you-

Julia (off-panel): Don’t want the answers.

Sedjet: Julia… we can cure you. Fix you.

2: Julia has turned around and is slumping away from the glass.

Julia: No fix…

There’s no fixing this

3: Sedjet leans forward to speak.

Sedjet: Julia, please… you can’t give up on us.

We’re working hard. We want to save you. Melissa needs you back!

4: Julia looks over her shoulder at him.

5: In a swift movement, she darts forward to smash her head against the thick glass with a thunk.

6: Sedjet jumps back and falls onto his back.

Sedjet: Ah!

7: Julia grabs her head, speaking to the lights above, dripping a mixture of red and black blood.

Julia: No… No…