1: Julia has her head tucked into crossed arms, looking away, tentacle growths pulsing on her head.

Sedjet (off-panel): Julia? I’d really like you to talk to me today.

I know you don’t sleep.

2: Sedjet perks up and looks surprised as Julia groans.

Julia: Hhhh…

3: Julia has approached Sedjet, standing with the thick glass between them, she speaks with an alien distortion.

Sedjet: If you want to to see Melissa , you have to work with me. You have to talk.

Julia: …

Sedjet: Julia. You remember your name, right?

Do you remember mine?

Julia: Kgl… hh… Ju…lia.

Sedjet: Yes… Yes! That’s you.

How do you feel?

4: A stark shot of Julia standing. Hair a mess and hanging low, toothy maw dripping.

Julia: Hungry.

5: Julia clutches her middle, bent over slightly as she speaks with an alien tone and staggered cadence.

Julia: We’re… starving.


We… I


can’t… so very hungry…

All the time.