1: A small modern car zooms though the inner city of Cairo.

Eric (from car): Sorry again, Mel, should only be a few more weeks till I can drive again.

Melissa (from car): Dad, it’s okay, really! I don’t mind.

2: Inside, Melissa is driving. Eric, her father, is in the passenger seat. He’s bandaged up, rather scarred, from the chemical explosion.

Eric: I thank the gods every day, it could have been so much worse… the other guy, he…

Melissa: I know.

Eric: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t… all that is still…

3: Eric is looking away, biting his lip sadly. Melissa grips the wheel tighter, staring forward at the road, oddly blank. Nothing is said.

4: The car stops at an intersection.

Eric (from car): Oh… did you talk with your school counselor yet?

Melissa (from car): Was gonna do that Sunday night, but something else came up.

I’ve got to see Julia’s family again first, though.

5: Eric looks towards her, concerned.

Eric: Honey… do you have any nights off?

Melissa (off-panel): It’s not my fault they keep asking when Julia will be “out of the hospital”.

I think they know I’m lying. I don’t want to lie, that wasn’t my idea.