1: Melissa seems to be calming down from her mild outburst, paying attention to the road.

2: Eric looks away, distracting himself out the window.

Eric: Um… Have you been seeing much of Rhoda?

Melissa (off-panel): Hm? Ah, yeah… yeah, we’ve been talking more. She’s been helping out a lot with the group and with getting Kas back here.

3: Melissa has a half smile, though she looks uncomfortable with the question.

Eric (off-panel): …The real Kas this time?

Melissa laughs nervously: Eheh….

4: The car reaches the driveway of their small home, pulling up toward the garage.

5: Melissa gets out of her door. Eric is watching her.

Eric: Say hi to the King family for me, okay? Tell Mrs. King to poke me online some time?

Melissa: I will.

Eric: And, please, take a some time to breathe… for me?

Melissa: Mhmm…