1: Sedjet sits, looking over his shoulder as we hear the ding of the room’s automatic door. He is wearing a yellow shirt, a later day in their studies.

2: Through clear glass we see Xijo donning the appropriate blue lab coat as he enters from the hall way.

Vidali (off-panel): Quick, look busy.

3: Xijo approaches, fingers to his forehead. Sedjet pulls a chair out.

Sedjet: Dr. Xijo, welcome back.

Xijo: I give thanks. There is trouble with the machines, I am stopping for, ah… head aches?

The air pressures here are thin to me, my filter performs inadequately…

Sedjet: I’ll see if we can adjust the air control to be a bit more comfortable for you.

4: Xijo sits, resting head in hands.

Xijo: The experiment variables are not within desired control. There are adjustments I must make, within 48 hours it will be done.

Sedjet (off-panel): I’ll be able to help soon, once I’m done with Vidali’s busy work.

Vidali (off-panel): Oh, I’ll always have more chores for you, Sedj.

5: Vidali and Xijo sit next to each other.

Vidali: Let me get you water, maybe food or something?

Xijo: Negative, I am fed. Procedures dictate no food outside the, ah… the lounge.

6: Vidali’s arm pushes a few containers of food behind one of the computers.

Xijo (off-panel): This applies to you, also.

Vidali: Heh…