1: Advanced machines line the walls of a well-lit lab. This is the sampling room of the genetics lab, with a dull orange color scheme. Vidali works at a table in protective clothing.

2: Her gloved hands affix a bar coded sticker to a container of vials.

3: We see Vidali through a window in the wall. Sedjet is receiving the genetic sample through a sort of mini air lock. They speak through a small intercom.

Vidali (from intercom): I made you a gift!

Sedjet: Oh, good, my favorite…

Vidali (from intercom): I’ll be out in a sec.

4: Vidali stands inside a larger decontamination chamber between the rooms. Through the clear glass of it, Vidali swaps her pale yellow lab coat for a soft blue.

Sedjet (off-panel): Take your time!

5: A machine presses thin syringes into the tubes containing genetic samples.

Sedjet (off-panel): So, what have we got?

Vidali (off-panel): These are from Specimen 4. The only parts of the thing left that you boys didn’t boil or crush.

Sedjet (off-panel): The only way to see how something works is to break it apart, it seems.

Vidali (off-panel): I’ll be comparing the data to Specimen 1.

6: Sedjet watches the machine move and work. Vidali is leaning on a chair, looking to Sedjet.

Sedjet: Anthony Rocha…

…consumed by the original Black Mass sample found on the moon.

Vidali: Absorbed by it. A complete genetic integration.

There are some traces in there, some differences… in theory, if I can isolate the differences, we can see what happened on a genetic level.