1: Melissa is firing the gun. Idowu is watching her posture as they speak.

Idowu: Uh, so how’s school? Astrology, right?
Melissa: Astronomy. That’s the real one.

It’s going fine, taking a semester off though.

Idowu: Yeah, seems fair, considering.

2: Melissa concentrates on shooting as Idowu talks. We see they’re in a private firing range in a secluded part of the Egyptian desert.

Idowu: Still, I wouldn’t put it off any longer than I had to, if I were you. They’re really strict about having a degree and work experience and all that shit.

Melissa: I know, I know.

Idowu: Could always just become a mercenary like me instead, huh?

Melissa: Haha…

<shots continue.>

3: Idowu scratches her head, looking awkward.

Idowu: Uh, listen, I know we’ve only known each other a few weeks, but…

<shot rings out>

If you need to talk about… whatever, I can listen…

<shot rings out>

4: Melissa is ignoring her. We watch her determined, somewhat vacant expression as shots ring out.