“I sure do hate drawing guns,” I said as I scripted an intricate close-up of a disassembled gun.


1: A paper target in a gun range is being shot. Bullet holes stray far from center, too high and too far to the right. This is punctuated by several gunshot sounds.

2: The target is no longer being shot as a voice gives instructions.

??? (off-panel): Don’t extend your arms too far: keep them a little loose, you’ll have more recoil control.

3: A disassembled boxy Maxim 9 gun and various firearm gear is seen along a table.

???: Here, let’s see you pull that trigger again?

<sound of the double action of a trigger>

???: Okay. Look, you’re pulling too hard. Press with the pad of the finger, don’t squeeze your fist, it pulls off target.

Don’t be scared of it… I know it’s a gun and all, but you have to be calm with it.

4: Dressed in semi-casual clothes, plus a durable vest, goggles, and earmuffs, we see Adannaya Idowu, elephant mercenary.

Idowu: Got another round in you?

??? (off-panel): Uh-huh.

Idowu: Let’s see you reload.

5: Beside her is Melissa, she’s reloading the pistol.