1: Sedjet stands, they all examine the table’s contents.

Sedjet: I’ve included information on all five specimens of the Black Idol in your personal files. We have Specimens 1, 4, and 5 in isolated chambers beneath this complex. Sudan Particle Emissions Lab has specimens 2 and 3, both safely sealed and isolated.

We have all the information, and we have sole access to the available samples.

It is now our job to solve the mystery of the Black Idol.

What it is. What it wants. How to stop it, and how to reverse the effects it causes.

2: Vidali lean forward to study something on the table.

Sedjet: Consider this an open forum. We need ideas.

Any angles of approach, no matter how far-fetched.

3: Vidali thinks. Xijo leans in behind her.

Vidali: Well… obviously I want to do some deeper genetic studies. Data there is sparse so far but, if it’s alive, it must have some version of a genetic code.

But… I’m more interested in the results of the Shankar radiation.

Xijo: I agree. This, ah, Shankar’s radiations are my interest. Those particles are not yet known for a relation to cellular signals or mutation.

4: Hands folded behind his back, Sedjet paces.

Sedjet: It’s a start.

Listen… We’ll be isolated here for a while, it won’t be easy.

This project is…

5: In a flash back, we see Sedjet’s point of view as he is assaulted by the Black Idol in Issue #1.

6: Sedjet’s concerned face looks down at the data on the table.

Sedjet: …very personal to me.

Let me just say that I appreciate you two volunteering.

7: Vidali’s hand rests on the table. The screen shows Specimen 1, frozen in isolation by Sedjet in Issue #6.

Sedjet (off-panel): Now, I should give you two a tour of our home for the next few months!