Ah, fond memories.


1: The display on the touch screen table shows various digital documents, photos, and videos concerning the Black Idol.

Sedjet (off-panel): By special order of the Pharaoh, it’s our remarkably enviable task to review all the studies and experimentation concerning EA-055, which we’ve been colloquially referring to as the Black Idol, and collaborate on any… appropriate solutions to the problem.

2: She screen shows the black idol at the cellular level.

Sedjet (off-panel): It’s an organism, we know it’s alive, but it’s totally unlike any life we know of. It has specific cellular structures but no consistent anatomy: there are no lungs, heart or endocrine system. Despite its apparent intelligence and hunting instincts, we can’t locate a no central ‘brain’ or nervous system.

3: Closeups of the various body parts the Black Mass can generate are shown.

Sedjet (off-panel): Its ability to rapidly restructure its form makes it extremely dangerous, adaptable, and able to survive most… extremes we’ve tried.

4: Photos from an experiment are shown, displaying a person separated by the black idol by thick glass.

Sedjet (off-panel): …but the real danger is the psychological damage it causes to anthropoid lifeforms that come into contact with it.

Repeated exposure to large enough samples have caused hallucinations and psychosis.

5: Footage shows Anthony Rocha, the bat from Issue #6, being absorbed into the Black Idol.

Sedjet (off-panel): We don’t know why or how the condition is carried. We know it’s not an airborne pathogen or any sort of electromagnetic field or radiation…

In one case, a subject was affected purely by live footage, without ever having contact with the idol, though he was later suspected to have prior mental conditions.

6: Xijo and Vidali, watch and listen, Vidali studies Xijo as much as the material.

Sedjet (off-panel): We have some promising data from in-depth radiation reaction tests. It seems like Shankar radiation can cause uncontrolled mutations, which can lock samples into an immobile state. But that’s our only lead.