Remember the martians?


1: Sedjet taps a code into the table.

Vidali (off-panel): So… is our new friend joining us?

Sedjet: He’ll be in shortly.


2: His thumb is pressed against a panel to be scanned.

Vidali (off-panel): I’ve just never met… you know.

Sedjet: He’s just a person, Vidali.

3: Vidali looks up and to her side, ears perked, as the sliding door dings open.

4: Through doorway enters Dr. Xijo: a tall, thin male Martian in a dress shirt. His height means he has to duck slightly to get through the door. His exposed skin are dark blues and greens, and his hair is white, cropped short. His mouth and snout are covered in a respirator.

5: Vidali and Xijo shake hands. Vidali is only barely containing her excitement.

Sedjet: Dr. Vidali Dara, this is Dr. Meinen Xijo Tephalis

Dr. Xijo is the lead radiation expert for the Unified Martian Aeronautics Coalition.
Vidali: Wow, um, it’s a pleasure! Welcome!

Xijo: I give thanks. I affirm, it is advantageous to be here.

I read about you, Vidali Dara. You, ah… you are here to provide genetic studies?

Vidali: Yup, uh, yes sir!

Sedjet: Dr. Dara is at the top of her field in genetic engineering.