Haven’t seen him in a while :3


1: A female cheetah wearing cornrow braids sits in a well lit room, minimal decor: square columns line the walls with thin LED lights between them, a large table dominates, the surface the deactivated black of a digital screen.

2: The cheetah is Dr. Vidali Dara: a young scientist with her hair kept in tidy cornrows, her outfit a professional looking blouse worn casually, top few buttons open. She’s reviewing some papers, though she looks nervous and distracted.

3: The door to the meeting hall slides open with a ding, it has the secure appearance of an elevator door.

4: Dr. Sedjet Ahmes steps through the door. His hair is longer and tied up in a low, loose ponytail. His expression is peaceful as he enters, adjusting his plain shirt.

Vidali (off-panel): Dr. Ahmes!

5: Vidali has stood up to greet Sedjet.

Sedjet: Vidali, please, Sedjet is fine. It’s good to see you.

Vidali: I could go back to calling you Professor, if you’d like.

Sedjet: I haven’t been your professor for years, Dara.

How’ve you been? How’s the wife?

6: They look more casual: Vidali leaning back on a chair, Sedjet’s hands hooked to his pockets.

Vidali: She’s good, we’re good, our dogs are good. She just got a book published actually… my wife, not the dogs.

Find yourself a man yet, Sedj?

Sedjet: Who, me? No, no, I’m married to the sea.