Oi! No crying in church.


1: Presented in Sam’s hand on an embroidered white protective cloth is a key: plain, old tarnished brass.

Sam: Many families have a number of old religious heirlooms, great sentimental value usually. We often keep them here, in temples, where we worship.

The King family has had this for… I think it’s been five generations?

2: Father Sam is wrapping the key up and presenting it to Melissa with a smile of concern.

Sam: Usually families keep artifacts safe here, unless they’re in times of dire emotional need.

Julia isn’t in that much trouble, is she?

3: Melissa’s expression is mixed. She winces with a strained half smile. She says nothing for a moment.

4: She manages a more earnest smile, but there’s a still a mild look of panic in her eyes.

Melissa: Thank you, Doyen De Luca, I’ll get this safely to the family.

5: Melissa leaves the doyen near the alter. She clutches the cloth tightly, gritting her teeth as she does her best to maintain composure.