Now presenting Earth’s greatest achievement.


1: Vidali and Xijo sit across from each other in the lab’s lounge: a lowered area surrounded in steps that also serve as padded seating. More plants are in here and the colors are warmer with a projected image of the sky on the wall, a relaxation area for eating, with fridges and snack storage. The two have a table erected at the bottom level of this area, Vidali is in casual “off hours” clothes.

Vidali: Okay, Dr. Xijo. I had to call in a lot of favors to sneak this in here. A team of experts had to carefully analyze every detail to ensure our safety.

What I’m about to present to you is top secret.

Are you ready?

Xijo: I affirm, I am prepared.

2: A heavy duty metallic suitcase is slid across the table.

3: It is opened up, revealing a freshly cooked square pizza in the deep pan baked style, loaded with toppings, steaming with heat.

4: Xijo bites into a square slice of this pizza, looking puzzled. His respirator is partially open on the bottom to reveal his mouth.

5: He chews, brows furrowed as he contemplates the flavors.

6: His eyes are wide in revelation of pizza.

Xijo: [untranslated Martian]

Vidali (off-panel): Right?!