1: The robot hovers near Julia. Julia has a hand out as she speaks.

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech – quizzical tone]

Julia: Um… hello?

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

Julia: I… don’t understand you. Listen, I’m not from around here. I came from the building with the portal…

Can you even understand me?

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech – urgent tone]

2: From the robot’s vision, Julia looks up excitied

Julia: …okay, let’s try this: can you give me a sound for ‘yes’?

Robot: <positive blip>

Julia: Huh. And how about one for ‘no’?

Robot: <negative buzz>

Julia: Haha, shit, it worked.

3: Julia tries to speak to the robot.

Julia: Is there anyone else around? A… person I can talk to? I need help.

Robot: <negative buzz>

Julia: Shit… well… I came from the tower, the uh, the portal. The door to other planets. Do you know what I mean?

Robot: <positive blip>

Julia: I’m trying to get to another one… here-

4: Julia shows her wrist computer, on which there is a photo of the map she saw in the portal room. She’s pointing out the destination.

Julia: Can you take me here?

Robot: <negative buzz>

5: The robot has turned from her and extends an arm, picking up some of the boxes Julia tossed to the ground.

Julia: I… I don’t know the language, so even if I got there, I need someone to help me get through…

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

6: The robot mostly ignores her as it sets boxes back on shelves.

Julia: Please…?