1: Julia is straining, pulling on something.

2: Something snaps, she stumbles back a few steps from a wall-mounted machine, full of varying plates and shapes of metal and plastic. Julia grunts with frustration.

3: In her hand, she holds a blade shaped shard, her hand wrapped in a length of thick covered wire for protection.

???: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

4: Julia ducks down and turns towards the open alcove of the building from which she hears alien speech, partially hidden behind a counter.

???: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

Julia: shit

5: She peeks slightly out from behind the counter.

Julia: <Comm speakers click> Uh… dunno if you can understand me but… I’m harmless, I’m not-

I’m just looking for supplies!

6: Julia’s tightens her grip on the makeshift weapon, kept at her side.

???: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

7: Over the counter floats a small, white, smooth object: a levitating robot, constructed of dark glass and white, hard plastic. No arms or weapons are extended, and it peeks over curiously.

???: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

Julia: Oh…