1: Julia is peeking inside an alcove from the road, a hand to her wrist computer.

Julia: Okay, where’s the outward speaker on this thing-

<Comm speakers click>

Ah, um, hello? Anyone here? <Comm speakers click>

2: Inside the building is overgrown with moss and weeds, but there are numerous boxes and tubes along shelves. Faded and scratched on the wall are painted symbols that look to be a different language to what what Kas studied on the black disks.

Julia: <digital click> I’ve found more of the alien civilization… but it seems just as abandoned. I’m going to see if there is any food, water… Maybe an alien porn mag or something… <digital click>

3: Julia sorts through shelves, tossing empty canisters behind her with a dull clangs.

4: The box in her hand, opened, is empty.

Julia: Great, I found the box store.

5: We see the building in the background as Julia smashes around inside. In the foreground, trash and rubble gather outside another building.

6: A small metal structure clicks and beeps. A green light coming to life inside sliding doors to an opening.