1: Julia’s boots hit cracked, broken pavement.

2: Julia walks down the ruined road. It cuts a path through trees. Much of the road is overgrown with moss, vines, and cracks. The cloudless sky is lit by the two bright suns.

3: Julia stops, arms out a little. She looks down off the pass in shock.

Julia: Whoa, whoa…

4: The land below the bridge, off the edge of the plateau, contains a multitude of buildings between overgrown trees: all in light colored stone, all seem to be cracked or ruined, covered in vines and moss.

Julia: <digital click> Mel, are you seeing this?! It’s a whole damn city… <digital click>

5: She’s looks forward again, excited.

Julia: There’s gotta be…

6: She’s started off at a light run. Clear of the trees, the road curves and extends outwards as a bridge, where it connects with the tops of several towers. These ruined buildings still stand, cracked and moss-covered as they are, connected to the bridge by shaded alcoves. Spreading from the tops of these buildings are large, geometric shapes that mimic the shape of the leaves.

Julia: Food! Water! Something!