Meeting the friendly locals!


1: Julia walks along the edge of a more thickly forested area. Exotic flowers grow across the ground. Light, fluttering creatures pick at the flowers while, on the ground below them, other creatures fight and struggle.

2: Julia has hunched down and stopped, watching the alien animals on the ground. They are armored, metallic creatures of many sharp, jagged legs. Two creatures have grabbed at some sort of food or shell and are in a tug-of-war.

3: In a blur of movement, something long has shot from off panel to snatch one of these creatures.

4: Julia looks up. From behind her, we see a predator curled around a branch of a nearby tree. It’s body is long and soft, worm like, with many thin, orange feeler-like limbs stretched between branches of the tree. In its soft, tubular mouth is the crushed and twitching form of the armored alien creature, cracked and crunched by the creature.

5: She quickly walks away. The fluttering, flying creatures have darted away too.