1: Through Julia’s POV, she’s examines a nearby shrub. Its leaves are crystal-like, growing in geometric patterns like snowflakes. Before Julia’s eyes, cast onto her helmet, are some readouts from her computer, giving us some information about the atmosphere, temperature, etc. The display includes a compass, showing magnetic North, which is behind her.

Julia: <digital click> Um… hopefully this is recording the air samples. It says there’s plenty of oxygen, but air pressure is high… The suit’s computer is saying, ‘limited exposure recommended.’

Oh, too much oxygen, I guess. This thing won’t struggle to filter oxygen out of the air, at least.

2: She walks across the dull squishy grass and past the rusted, abandoned shell of an ancient vehicle. Across the ground are a few tumbleweed-like objects, round and hollow shells of bramble.

Julia: My solar panels seem to be doing their job. At 33 degrees, it’s pretty damn warm out… The suit’s keeping me cool, but I dunno how much it’s designed for heat… here’s hoping it doesn’t get much hotter.

3: Julia looks to the right, wearily.

Julia: I’m not hurt. I got out of there just fine, just… a bit of a headache, and…

4: Julia’s eyes are watering as she starts to huff slightly.

Julia: <digital click>

5: She’s lowers her head and is more overtly crying.

6: Julia looks very small, surrounded by ruined metal and alien plants. The tower behind her stretches up to the sky.

Julia: Fuck…

Get moving, Julia…