1: Julia leaves a the thick bramble of plant life, its leaves all geometric, like dark purple crystals. She has a hand to her left forearm as she speaks and records an audio journal. Behind her, we see the base of a massive marble tower.

Julia: <Digital recorder clicks> Impossible to tell where I am… I’ll never figure that out till I’m back home with a real computer.

Maybe Mel can look at the footage and figure it out from the stars or something…

2: Julia stands still as she looks up at the alien sky.

Julia: I tried everything I could think of to get the portal running…

3: Julia is back in a dirty room, cluttered with dust and trash. She kicks a metal pedestal near an inert black portal.

Julia (in narration): No power at all. Nothing responded, no lights… I think the place has been abandoned for a really long time.

4: Julia falls down to her knees, helmet leaned on what she was kicking, she’s crying.

Julia: <Sobs>

come on…

5: Julia examines the room, eyes still red and wet, the building looks like it is rotting away.

Julia (in narration): I can’t just wait around, and… it’s a long shot, but…

6: On the wall is a map – ancient, faded, and written in an alien language, it shows a long road between two circular portal symbols, it seems to match the plateaus.

Julia (in narration): I’ve got to see if I can get home.

<digital click>

7: A piece of scrap metal is propped up against a table. Scraped into it are the words: “JULIA WAS HERE. WENT TO SOUTH TOWER”