Landscapes are really hard to draw when you’re not used to them, oops. Gonna get in a lot of practice this issue.


Full page: Julia stands on an alien planet, surrounded by strange alien plants in dark purple.

A forest of massively tall alien trees stretch to the horizon, their leaves a deep purple and their trunks a light, metallic gray coil of thick vines, twisting and spreading upwards. The ground is covered in a squishy, pale-purple ‘grass’ which grows in soft, bulbous shapes. Across trees and rocks grows blue and blue-green moss which spreads like geometric crystal.

In the far distance, a massive tower of marble extends above the tree tops. Peeking out through the trees are hints of other buildings, though it’s hard to say how many. Julia is on one of a handful of plateaus that break up the landscape into levels of flat ground, some linked by bone-colored bridges.

The pale orange sky is occupied by the large purple and red shape of a gas giant. Two distant suns light up the sky on this cloudless day.