1: With the robot facing the shelves, Julia’s hands reach in with a loop of electrical wire, trying to attach it to one of its arms.

2: The robot turns, looking down at it.

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech – inquisitive tone]

3: With a flail of its other arm, it is being tugged off camera by the wire.

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech – panicked tone]

4: Julia walks down the road once again, away from this building, pulling the robot along by the wire leash. The robot is lagging behind, but not fighting too hard.

Julia: C’mon lil robot, you’re coming to help.

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

Julia: You know I can’t understand you! Just lead me there and I’ll let you float back to clean all the counters you want.

5: The floating robot keeps pace with her, allowing the leash to run slack.

Julia: Do you know if there’s any water near here?

Robot: <positive blip>

Julia: …clean water. That I can drink.

Robot: <negative buzz>

6: They travel down the bridge. Patchy shadows from within the windows of buildings, no sign of life in the crumbling city.

Julia: Hey, You got a name?

Robot: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

Julia: Right. I don’t know why I asked.

I’m gonna just call you ‘Lily’, that okay?

Robot: …

<positive blip>

Julia: Atta girl!