Why did they program you to feel loneliness??


1: The two walk along between rubble and crystalline leaves.

Julia: <digital click> I’ve made contact, sort of… It seems like a… well, it’s a robot.

I’m hoping I can get it to teach me some of the language I’ve seen here. I might need it to get back home…

2: The robot, Lily, floats beside her.

Julia: I wonder if this thing looks anything like the aliens did?

3: Julia looks up at one of the tall towers they are slowly passing, large platforms high up, an unknown brown/gold symbol on a banner.

Julia: An entire alien world… an entire civilization, but there’s no one left. Just my luck, I randomly stumble onto one of the abandoned planets.

4: Lily gesticulates with a robot arm as it blips out. Julia has her fingers near her computer, having turned on her speakers, and in her left hand still holds that knife.

Julia: <Comm speakers click> I wish you could tell me what happened. Well, I’m sure you could, but I wouldn’t understand it.

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech – energetically]

Julia: Haha… I thought so.

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech – urgent tone]

Julia: Hey, hey, settle down!

5: Lily has calmed down a little, facing down.

Julia: You been alone a long time?

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech – sad tone]

Julia: Aw, well, at least you’re getting out and about, right?

6: Having reached the solid ground of a plateau, the pair turn to a wide, squat building.

Julia: Okay. I want to look for supplies again, water or something.