Yummy bag of delicious sand.


1: Julia and Lily step into the dark warehouse-like building through its torn, open door, stepping over old, rusted metal. The large glass ‘eyes’ of Lily’s front are lit like spotlights, illuminating the interior, joining the natural light: various large crates and metallic pods that litter the ground. Alien symbols painted on the walls are accompanied by the vague, messy illustration.

2: Julia’s knife rips open a bag, and a sand-like mass pours out.

3: She pries a metal door back, seeing small empty boxes beyond.

4: Julia leans on a wall and tries to hold her head through her helmet, wincing in pain.

Lily (off-panel): [untranslated robotic alien speech – inquisitive]

5: Towards the back of the building, Julia taps at her computer. Lily watches her, its eyes casting green light across objects and rubble, illuminating a way forward.

Julia: <digital click> No luck finding anything drinkable yet… my headache’s getting pretty bad.

It’s probably just dehydration… ugh…

Hey, Mel, remember Zeng Ji? The record holder for longest time spent in deep space?

6: Julia ducks down to get through a ruined entrance way.

Julia: He reported terrible headaches and stomach problems… He was a mess when he got back to Earth.

They said it was radiation, but I remember some people calling it space sickness, like our bodies just can’t handle being far from Earth for too long.