This must be that “Raw Water” I keep seeing in the organic aisle.


1: More crates litter this room, but it is more overgrown with moss, grass, and vines. Much of the ceiling has collapsed, and this has allowed rain to collect into a shallow pool of moss on the ground.

Julia: Shit. I think that’s water!

<digital click>

2: She makes her way close to the pool, quickly but carefully stepping over beams of metal.

Julia: <Comm speakers click> Lily, does it look safe?

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech – uncertain.]

3: Julia runs her gloved hand through it. It’s not clear water – there’s a blue-green film across the top of it which sticks to her fingers, and her disturbance has set tiny flying insects into motion.

4: We see her hand tap at her wrist computer, which analyzes the water with a green beam of light.

5: We see the results:

43% Water

20% ???

13% Copper

9% Iron

5% ???

1% ???

Biological traces found

6: Julia’s teeth grit in anger.

Julia: Dammit…

7: Having sat on the ground, she kicks out at a nearby metal crate that thunks hollowly.

Julia: Dammit, dammit dammit!