My boxes! :[


1: The crate she has kicked was the bottom of a tower on which the collapsed ceiling leaned. Now kicked, it wobbles and groans.

2: Julia scoots back and starts to scramble to her feet as debris tumbles down.

Julia: Ah, fuck… fuck!

3: Julia jumps away as beams of broken metal fall, splashing into this mossy pool with a crash.

4: Backed up against a wall, the collapsed roof has mostly blocked her way to the exit of the room.

Julia: Son of a bitch…

Lily (off-panel): [untranslated robotic alien speech – inquisitive, concerned]

5: There is a crack in the wall beside them, sheets of metal have separated from a beam. Lily’s little robot hands are tugging at it.

6: From outside, robot hands and Julia’s knife starting to pull and pry at the wall. The knife makes the metal squeal.