Thanks, Lily.


1: The open panel of wires and tubes is now glowing and operational, with glowing white power fluid flowing through clear plastic piping.

2: Leaning on the circular control tower.

3: From Julia’s POV, we see her hands manipulate the symbols of the tower, now fully functional holographic runes. Displayed on her helmet and arm computer are stills of footage of Bassi operating the lunar portal.

Julia: <heavy breathing interrupts>

Come on…

<heavy breathing interrupts>

4: Julia clutches her stomach with one hand, doubled over, her knees weaken.

Julia groans in pain: Nnngg… kkg… krf.

5: On the ground, we see Lily: she has been pried open and dismembered. A clear tube runs from her body towards the control panel, dotted with traces of her drained power fluid. Her lights are off and inert.