Crunchy. Like a soft shelled crab.


1: Julia stands, clutching Lily to her chest. The two look out of slit windows solemnly.

Julia: Thank you… I couldn’t have done it without you.

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech]

Julia: I’ve tried… but I keep falling apart… You helped… Heh, maybe you don’t even know it.

2: Julia’s hand raises, holding her knife.

3: Julia lowers down, squeezing Lily to her lap as she gets to her knees.

Julia: I…

…thank you.

4: Julia moves swiftly, the metallic sound of the knife severs and breaks the electrical components inside Lily.

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech] <loud cracks distort the sound, then all is silent>.

5: Julia’s cheeks are wet with tears, but her eyes stare somewhat vacantly forward, numb and emotionless.